We are a really long-established agency (since 1972) and over the years have worked with most major private and public sector employers in London, so we know what we're talking about.

As a job seeker you may be looking for full time or part time, temporary or contract employment. At TRG we are responsible for placing permanent staff with our clients, which means that ultimately, if you are successful, you will be fully employed by them.

People working on temporary, or fixed term contract assignments are employed by us either under a Contract for Service (temporary worker) or Contract of Service (contract worker). Contract workers are usually based at one site and under our supervision whereas a temporary worker is likely to experience a mix of client sites and while there is under the supervision of the client.

Whatever your preference, if you are suitably qualified we will try and make that happen for you. Our clients are from a very broad spectrum and include sectors such as finance, banking, insurance, NHS, media, property, law, shipping and hospitality.

What are the chances of finding that dream job?
Obviously it is difficult during these times of rising unemployment and economic strife but there are still opportunities. It’s all a question of defining what you want, and finding it! Easier said than done, you might think, but please browse around this site where you will find some useful tips, or come in and speak with one of our consultants.

For some flexibility is everything whilst for others a clear personal development path offering the shortest route to promotion is far more important. Job satisfaction ranks high on most people’s list. Some are motivated by the opportunities offered at large organisations whereas others see more benefit in a smaller company.

Whether it's money, travel, benefits, challenge or anything else which presses the buttons, TRG can advise candidates on the state of the market and where their experience fits in.


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