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TRG supplies Front of House, PA and Business Support staff as temporary or long term support, or by permanent introductions.

As we are a full-service recruitment consultancy many clients prefer to call on temporary personnel as and when required, or draw upon our extensive knowledge base to fulfil a permanent post.

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Managed Services

Our manage service offerings cover the specialist areas in front of house, switchboard, help desk and facilities support personnel.

Creating the right first impression to everyone contacting your business is of paramount importance. Visitors and callers should at all times feel welcome when interacting with your organisation.

Your reception desk is the public face of your organisation and the first point of contact for all your guests. Your switchboard equally is the initial touch-point for anyone reaching out to you.

Getting these interactions wrong can mean that a potential customer relationship might start on the wrong foot. Likewise your switchboard or reception can be instrumental in relaxing a potentially difficult situation.

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter the most and leave lasting memories. You want to ensure these memories are positive and in line with your brand and company values.

  1. Minimise the waiting time for people wanting to interact with you.
  2. Minimise the effort it takes your visitors and callers to move on to their desired ‘destination’.
  3. Make your guests feel welcome and looked after both on arrival, during their stay and on their departure.
  4. Remove all the hassle of non-essential business tasks from key individuals.

Having  been in the business for over 40 years we know a thing or two about delivering an outstanding service. The essentials have not changed in all these years: courtesy, politeness, appearance and a smile.

On the other hand, more individualised customer preferences, technological advances as well as greater decentralisation and mobilisation change the way front-of-house, reception, switchboard and concierge services are received today.

The smart choice is to mix various elements of service delivery, technology, process improvement and specialist know how for the ultimate customer experience.

Operational Optimisation – We remove our clients’ headache by providing them with a flexible service delivery engine. We regularly review the current operating model against the business requirements and pro-actively suggest changes for further optimisation. We act in the best interest of our clients and continue to find ways to reduce costs. We are happy to challenge our clients to achieve this!

Our staff are cross-trained and multi-skilled not only to cover positions at short notice, but also to keep staff motivation high. That is why we put emphasis on training of our people, be it on behavioural aspects, use of tools and technologies but also psychologically to help them deal with difficult inter-personal situations.

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