TRG Recruitment Services was established in 1972 when its founder, Trevor Gilbert, launched the second ever employment consultancy for telex and telephone operators, based in the City of London.

The TRG Group, as it is now known, has grown to incorporate a range of services and secured a hard earned, award-winning reputation for consistently delivering what others may consider to be impossible.

Our sites regularly feature as leaders in quality award surveys with one site being awarded Switchboard of the Year for three consecutive years. A major insurance client conducts a survey of visitors and our front of house team consistently receives 100% client and multi-tenant visitor satisfaction.

Over the years The TRG Group has grown in to a world-class provider of support services and has partnered many leading organisations across the broad spectrum of business: the media, law, hospitality, banking, health, telecoms, insurance and property.

Clients such as Deutsche Bank, Cable & Wireless, Shell, ITN, BBC, Aviva, British Telecom, Financial Times, Standard Chartered Bank, central Government, AXA, leading barristers’ chambers, and Great Ormond Street Hospital are among many of those who have entrusted us with their important front of house and switchboard functions.

Our focus is on the delivery of a high quality, measurable and professional service which ensures the client’s first point of contact is a positive experience for visitors/callers.

We believe in taking responsibility for each account and through measurement systems, either client led or external, ensure we do what we said we would do, consistently.

TRG has an open book policy and a strong corporate social responsibility. We are ethical employers.

Because of our longevity and reputation we have an extensive and continually updated database of candidates which allows us not only to put a new team together quickly, but gives the added comfort that substitutes are on the bench if needed.


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Our service is all about delivering a great first impression to our clients’ visitors. To do this effectively means managing and caring for people whether they are clients, contract and temporary workers, candidates, or our own staff.  People are the most important commodity of all and we value them very much indeed.

Trevor Gilbert MD