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Planning your job search

Planning is an essential part of every job search, more so these days where job security is not as guaranteed as it used to be. Candidates should think about what is really important and especially not leave a job without having one to go to.

The planning process is an essential factor of any successful job search – a little effort up front can save a good deal of time and help to avoid significant inconvenience. Be sure to cover all the angles and explore every avenue, every opportunity.

Ensure skills and experience generally match the job being considered. There is nothing wrong in aiming higher so it is not critical if there a small mismatch. This can be explained in a covering letter / application or at interview.

Once a job has been identified it’s worth undertaking some research and considering how your skills and experience might be tailored if it is a little to your experience.

Finally, complete the package. Put the whole lot together. The research, application and CV should all reflect what has been identified as the right opportunity.

Checklist prior to ending application

  • Ensure the application / covering letter is relevant to the position for which you are applying.
  • Ensure the correct name and title of the recipient.
  • Ensure your contact details are clearly shown.
  • Is the spelling checked?
  • Is there a deadline for applications? Ensure it is submitted in time.
  • Double check for errors.

Can you answer the following?

  • Why should you be the chosen one against all other candidates?
  • Does your experience and qualifications really make you suitable?
  • Have you explained any particular gaps in your CV such as travel abroad, sickness?
  • Does your work history describe growing responsibility?
  • Does the application come across as fully representing who you are and what you do?

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Submit your CV

If you are a jobseeker please submit your CV by clicking on the following link. Your CV should be in Word/PDF format.

Please email us using this link, attaching your CV.

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