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This is the privacy policy for The TRG Group, which describes how we deal with your Personal Data. Your agreement to our Terms and Conditions and should you register your details on this site, provides consent for us to collect and process your personal data and, where appropriate, disclose this information to other interested parties which in our professional opinion will be relevant to your enquiry.

The term ‘Personal Data’ applies to any data that can identify a visitor/user to our web site. Where necessary, we may pass your data to third parties that help us process data or to prospective or intended employers or customers for the purpose of recruitment. We will deal with Personal Data in compliance with correct data protection legislation.

This statement covers all companies within The TRG Group. We are committed to providing privacy to everyone who accesses our web site.

The information that you give The TRG Group is termed "personal data" under the Data Protection Act 1998. We adhere to the principles set out in the Act when we process your personal data. All personal data that we obtain from you is held on our secure database. With specific regard to HR Services, personal data about you may be collected to help you obtain employment and is likely to include information such as your name, address, email address, education and employment history, plus your nationality which we are required to collect by law.

It is also important that we collect and process sensitive personal data about you only as far as is necessary to ensure that we conform with legal requirements such as equal opportunities laws.

The security of any data supplied to us by our customers or users is of the highest importance to us. Access to your personal data is only provided to our staff and third parties who help us to process the data, and in order to help with the processing of your enquiry.


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