The ability to be able to call upon credible, objective and relevant third parties as referees can reflect extremely well on a candidate's application.

Referees can either be named on the application - in which case the name, title, company, phone number and relationship to the candidate should be stated - or alternatively made available upon request. If it is the first job being applied for then people of some standing who know you well are entirely acceptable.

Whether personal or business referees, it is only right they must be advised before any job applications are made.


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Petra’s reference tips

  • Choose your referees very carefully, making sure they can comment on your experience and talent.
  • A good referee should be someone who knows you well and should be able to communicate this clearly to an employer by mail or phone.
  • If you are unsure or just haven’t got any referees at the time of application, advise the interviewer (or say in your CV) that they are available etc.
  • This is especially the case if you are applying for a number of jobs and believe the recruiter may take references for every one to which you have applied. You don’t want ‘reference overload’.