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The Interview

Be informed and well prepared. Be punctual. First impressions count, and in a very short space of time. Make sure you are dressed appropriately and that it is suitable for the potential employer’s company culture. If in doubt, dress more formally rather than less formally – or seek advice from TRG.

Make sure your mobile phone is switched off. Enter the room looking positive, start with a firm handshake and go on from there.

Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. Smile, relax and try to enjoy the interview. Emphasise your achievements, talents and aspirations.

Employers are always impressed when a candidate has obviously researched their company, so do as much as possible, but don’t overkill.

If you are asked what negative experiences you have had, describe what they were and how you have learned from them. Remember, the employer will be looking at what you can BRING to the company. Don’t lie, always tell the truth and absolutely do not speak negatively about previous employers, it just creates a bad impression. It is always a good thing to show critical self-appraisal in retrospect, proving you recognise and learn from your mistakes.

Consider the interview as a two-way street. You’re being vetted for the job but you are also vetting the company as a good place to work.

At the end of the interview if the job interests you, say so with conviction, smile again and thank them for their time.

Submit your CV

If you are a jobseeker please submit your CV by clicking on the following link. Your CV should be in Word/PDF format.

Please email us using this link, attaching your CV.

Trevor’s interview check list

  • Do you know where your interview is being held and have you allowed enough time to get there? Why not do a trial run?
  • Are you sure of the person who is interviewing you? If it’s an unusual name get your TRG consultant to spell and pronounce it for you.
  • Have you remembered to take a copy of your CV, references or any other relevant material? Have you compiled a personal portfolio of certificates etc?
  • Are you as smart and clean as you could be? Is your favourite outfit back from the cleaners? Why not allow extra time to freshen up and collect your thoughts at the place of interview
  • If it looks like rain, have you thought of taking an umbrella? Why run the risk of arriving looking like a drowned rat.  An umbrella can always be left with the receptionist.
  • If for any reason you get held up en route to the interview, contact the person you are due to see, or the agency. Have you a note of the phone numbers?
  • Do not have a quick smoke or take alcohol just before the interview. Smells carry.
  • Always be prepared for the unexpected. Some companies may want to undertake a skill or personality test of their own. Just relax. They’re only showing extra interest in you and your abilities.
  • Following an interview it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on what might have been done differently with a view to modifying interview technique in future.

Please email us using this link, attaching your CV.

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