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Trevor Gilbert & Associates is considered by many lawyers and insurance companies to be the UK’s leading provider of loss of earnings reports in matters of personal injury and clinical negligence litigation, employment tribunals.

The Ipswich based practice is widely recognised for its expertise in originating research and delivering world-class reports for claimants and defendants in the UK and overseas labour markets including  nationals of France, Netherlands, Eire, Kosovo, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Hong Kong, the United States of America and Australia.

Since TGA was launched over 30 years ago it has received many accolades for its high standard of reporting which has contributed to significant settlement of cases for both claimant and defendant.

Witness Training

The Art of Giving Evidence delivers witness familiarisation training to the public and private sectors whose staff may find themselves asked to give evidence in court or tribunal.

The programme delivers strategies to enable someone to enter the witness box with confidence and to exit safely having endured the rigours of examination in chief, then and particularly cross-examination and, finally, re-examination.

The Art of Giving Evidence explores and lays bare the processes and is designed to help potential lay witnesses (witnesses of fact) understand their role and to present their evidence in a way that is credible, consistent, truthful and which is verifiable.

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